Random Ramblings About Florida Panthers

Julius Peppers ended his months-long stalemate and signed his one-year, $16.7 million franchise tender this week, ensuring the defensive end will play for the Carolina Panthers for at least 1 more year against his initial wishes. Peppers had been enduring the holdout for several months in the expectation of being traded to another team in the NFL, but after spending much of the free agency in limbo, the disgruntled DE finally swallowed his pride and signed the franchise tender, keeping him in Carolina blue for one more year.

The $16.7 million he’s guaranteed this year undoubtedly helps the transition back onto the football field for Peppers, but who is to say the all-star player will not try to leave Carolina again next year? The Panthers have made no promises that they will not slap him with the franchise tag again next year should he make another declaration of his unhappiness in Carolina, leaving the thought looming that this entire situation could reoccur in 2010. To learn more important tips about rest of article continued here, checkout this link.

A panther? There were panthers around here? Johnny and I were skeptical. Maybe it was a bobcat we ‘d heard.

Some Florida Panthers Ideas

I saw Rick a couple of days later and told him about these ‘panthers. ‘ Did he mean bobcat, I asked? No, he meant panther. Mountain lion. Puma. Painter. Catamount. A large predator that was a hell of a lot bigger than a bobcat. Had he ever actually seen one of these panthers, I asked? He assured me that he saw them several times, and that he was aware that there was more than 1 because early one morning, he had seen two of them together. He described them as being about two and a half feet tall and goldish-tan, with long tails. To learn so much more insightful information about florida panthers, see this site; https://storify.com/florencedigest/trying-to-keep-up-with-miami-beach.

Looking at the short-term, however, even if some damage has been accomplished with Peppers’ betrayal the Carolina Panthers will gladly embrace the restoration of their star defensive end, as the team is incredibly better-equipped with their 6-foot-7 monster of a player. Peppers is one rare gem and probably the most powerful defensive end in the whole league, giving Carolina an edge over other teams in the NFC. Also, the addition of rookie Everette Brown at defensive end will help give the Panthers the cushioning they need to groom the former Florida State standout, ensuring that the Panthers will be prepared to go whether or not Peppers stays with the team in the long run.

Peppers, a seven-year veteran of the NFL and all with the Carolina Panthers, announced in the aftermath of the Panthers’ catastrophic loss to the Arizona Cardinals during the playoffs last winter that he was maxed out in Carolina and ready to move forward from his home state and home team, as his initial contract with the team had expired. The defensive end then refused to sign the $16.7 million franchise tender offered him after the Panthers slapped the franchise tag on him, causing for a cat-and-mouse game of sorts to ensue in the next months.

Random Ramblings About Florida Panthers

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