Morgellons Disease Symptoms??

Not much is known about Morgellon’s (pronounced mor-GELL-uns) disease; in fact, some health care providers aren’t sure if it’s a true disease at all. Because so little is known about the disease, some doctors believe that Morgellon’s disease might be a psychosomatic manifestation, rather than a true disease or condition. Morgellon’s disease represents a very real skin disorder to the people who’ve it; the person who holds this skin disease feels crawling sensations on and in the skin.

Getting back on track to the topic of morgellons disease symptoms.

Just because little is known about Morgellon’s disease, does not mean that it isn’t a true skin disorder. Those in the medical field can remember when fibromyalgia was thought to be a psychosomatic disorder. It took quite a while for the medical community to admit that fibromyalgia is a legitimate pain disorder. Thus, it may take some time for the medical community to agree that Morgellon’s disease is a legitimate skin disorder. Click here to see what Morgellon’s disease looks like.

Because Morgellon’s disease is not recognized by the whole medical community, researchers from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevent (CDC) have been studying reports of this disorder since 2002. The CDC calls this skin disorder ‘unexplained dermopathy. ‘ The CDC states they get about 20 calls per day from people who believe they have Morgellon’s disease.

Morgellon’s disease is characterized by microscopic red and blue fibers that sprout from the skin. People who’ve Morgellon’s disease suffer from extreme itching. Say the crawling sensation feels like little bugs crawling on top and underneath their skin. Other symptoms of Morgellon’s disease are reported to be joint pain, chronic fatigue, serious problems with memory and concentration. These some call ‘brain fog. ‘ Other symptoms reported by some individuals with this disorder claim that they have gastrointestinal problems that are very much like irritable bowel syndrome.

Patients who suffer from Morgellons disease sometimes feel hopeless that they’ll ever find a treatment for the horrible symptoms. The disease is marked by the sensation of tiny animals creeping, crawling, stinging, biting, and scratching under the skin and fibers protruding from the skin. Skin lesions that won’t heal are likewise very common with Morgellons patients. Most think it’s a parasite-based disease. In fact, some patients have reported seeing small worms that got out of their skin or tunneling under the skin. They want Morgellons disease conquered no matter the cost. Dealing with these horrible symptoms is bad enough. However, there are also many other symptoms reported by the people who say they have Morgellons.

These symptoms include pervasive joint and muscle pain, debilitating fatigue, memory loss, lack of mental acuity, neurological or behavioral disorders, more, and vision changes. Some patients become depressed and suicidal with all of these terrible symptoms. They often are ostracized and cannot continue work, owing to the open sores that won’t heal and the neurological symptoms of the disease. Some severe behavioral disorders such as Attention Deficit, Bipolar, Psychosis, and Obsessive-Compulsive, have also been associated with Morgellons. To get these symptoms of Morgellons disease conquered, doctors often prescribe medicines that are employed to treat delusional or psychotic patients or antibiotics that aren’t effective; they never work.

The medical community’s explanation of the illness is split. Some believe that that the fibers are produced by hair follicles. It is believed that these red and blue fibers might be waste products that somehow get trapped, encapsulated, and then erupt from the hair follicle. Other medical professionals believe the eruptions are produced by the delusional mind of an individual who believes he or she’s got a real infestation of parasites, such as lice or scabies.

Morgellons Disease is when everyone has the feeling of things crawling on their body and has erupting sores. The most hideous symptom is the unexplainable red, blue or black fibers that sprout from the skin of a person suffering with this disease. Some doctors believe this condition is a psychosis in which a person thinks that there are parasites infecting their bodies as a result of its rarity.

Jumping Frenchman of Maine is a disorder in which an individual has abnormal and unusual reactions to surrounding stimuli. For example, if a person yells an order at a person that has this disorder they’ll instantly do the order without thinking. People who suffer from this have severe jerky movements when they hear a loud noise. Others who’ve this disease have been known to hear an unfamiliar phrase, then repeat it non-stop.

Despite the fact that the medical community does not agree to the validity of Morgellon’s disease as a legitimate disease, the people who’ve this disorder suffer miserably from itching, crawling and biting sensations. Many suffer from skin lesions, cognitive changes, memory loss, joint pain, mood disturbances, and other neurological disturbances.

Because much of the medical community does not agree that Morgellon’s disease is a legitimate physical illness, many people who’ve this bizarre disease, feel let down by their physicians. Often, the people who suffer with this disorder feel abandoned by their doctor, and will go to one doctor after another trying to have a medical professional to believe their symptoms are real. As a result of hopping from one doctor to another, they often are abandoned by their health insurance companies. Individuals are often left on their own to pay their medical bills while they continue to seek medical help for their condition.

Morgellons Disease Symptoms??

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